Research & Industry Intelligence

Research and industry intelligence is increasingly becoming the difference between billions made or lost in profits. As businesses evolve and competitive landscape becomes more dynamic and sensitive, relying on timely and qualitative market insight is crucial.  “Built-to-last” businesses must constantly monitor its market trends and scan its environment.  Such institutions place high premium on research and understand the role that its competitors and customers play in the overall value chain of the sector.
The volatile competitive landscape and the spate of business failures in the country underscores the essence of research and industry intelligence resources among the Nigerian corporates.  At LCCI, research is taking seriously in other to serve the information need of our members across different sectors and provide practical evidence for driving the Chamber’s policy advocacy campaigns. Over years, LCCI has emerged as:

  1. Number one business information gathering and archival organization in Nigeria.
  2. Info warehouse for  existing and potential businesses
  3. Public policy advocacy power house for businesses