Arbitration & Business Sustainability

LCCI recorgnise that speedy resolution of dispute relating in the private sector is important for business sustainability. Thus, the Chamber established an arbitration centre in 2010 where operators in the private sector can seek alternative free dispute resolution arising from business contract/agreements. The LCCI Arbitration centre compliments government arbitration centres and the open court as they are not able to fully and timely resolve many disputes arising from business/contracts. Since inception, LCCI Arbitration Centre have successfully resolved many disputes by ensuring that the parties involved are satisfied while they move to further smooth economic activities.

LACIAC is an international alternative dispute resolution centre with a focus on fair and efficient alternative dispute resolution in Africa. The Centre is part of the ‘Arbitration in Lagos Project’, which together with the Lagos Court of Arbitration, aims to put Lagos on the map as a reliable, efficient, and transparent hub for international arbitration.

Native to Nigeria, LACIAC is aware of the challenges faced by disputants and aims to provide a viable and user friendly alternative to traditional litigation, offering a full service of ADR solutions including arbitration, mediation and conciliation.

Following recent trends in international arbitration, LACIAC has worked hard to ensure that the LACIAC Rules of Arbitration 2015 are in line with international best practice. The vision behind LACIAC is to establish a user friendly centre for the management as well as the resolution of disputes, assisting local and international businesses by offering a cost effective and reliable forum, alleviating in as far as possible the unnecessary burdens of dispute management and resolution.

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